We are
progressive innovators

The Treat Kitchen are progressive innovators in the world of packaged confectionery and gifting. We strive to constantly create new and exciting products the confectionery industry has never seen before. We are now home to over 300 different delicious products suitable for all taste buds and dietary requirements.

On in-house design are constantly carrying out trend research to make sure we always ahead of the game. We look to the worlds of flavour, packaging and pattern to ensure that our products not only taste great but look unique and fantastic too. Our aim is to be the people our customers turn to when they are looking for something new.

We are trend analysts

At the heart of all this success lies a group of people who make it happen. The Treat Kitchen team are a group of energetic and dynamic people all with a shared passion for innovation (and a love of all things sweet!).

Where does our constant energy come from you ask? Partly the sugar, but mainly our desire to work with developing, high potential people who can bring fresh ideas to the table. We enjoy working with the local community and offering work placements to those from local schools, universities and charities. Most of our employees started their journey with us this way and then have gone to develop into key members of the team.

We are
private label specialists

Are you looking to create your own range of confectionery bespoke to your brand? We are here to help. Our team can tailor a range of products that perfectly encompasses your company ethos. No specification is too big or too small and we do all the design work and development, so you don’t have to.

We are
forward thinkers

As our product range and business continues to grow, we understand our carbon footprint on this planet will too. Therefore, all the packaging we use is 100% recyclable or purposely chosen so it can be up-cycled after use. Did you know our Radioactive Sours come packaged in genuine scientific labware? And our signature glass milk bottles can become great flower vases or drink bottles for using on the go. Not only is reusing your packaging great for the environment but it lets you get creative too. Here at The Treat Kitchen we are big fans of upcycling so if you have transformed any of our products into something new, we would love to see it!


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