4 Guaranteed Ways Your Dad Won’t Return His Presents

By 13th June 2017 News No Comments

We know the feeling. Father’s Day is looming around the corner and you’re stressing because of the inevitable present hunt for socks, shirts and mugs. Luckily, we’ve put together a short set of tips that will guarantee a happy dad and an unreturned gift …

1. Be realistic

Get something that your dad will enjoy and use (think about gifts that he wouldn’t chuck in the back of the wardrobe!) Instead, consider items that your dad uses on a daily basis and draw ideas based on his hobbies, interests and likes to remind him how well you know him. Get him a gift he won’t return this Father’s Day!


2. But think outside the box

Be original with your gift ideas and get your dad something that will make him smile. How many of you have previously bought your dad socks, ties and shirts? Their wardrobes must be full of these generic items!  You could also be creative or even personalise the gift to make it unique and individualised for your dad. For example, a personalised hamper of his favourite sweets would go down a treat!  Also, check out the limited edition litre Father’s Day sweet bottles at the Treat Kitchen.

3. Get him something he can use again, again and again

Buy your dad something that can be reused or up cycled so it can be kept as a sentimental gift! Here, at the treat kitchen, many of our sweets are sold in stylish glass bottles and jars which can easily be reused after consumption as a money box, tea light holder or even a vase!

4. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

At the end of the day, the best way to ensure your dad enjoys his present is to get him something he can eat! (Who doesn’t love food?!) The Treat Kitchen currently stock a range of sweets (including sugar free), chocolates and fudge. From jelly beans and chocolate buttons to American candy, you’ll definitely be able to find an ideal gift for your dad here


Visit The Treat Kitchen before Father’s Day and buy your dad a gift that’s too tasty to return!


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