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…Well not exactly. But we do have a brand new exciting range of COCKTAIL inspired Gourmet Sweets!

We’ve taken on the trend taken from to incorporate COCKTAIL flavours in our sweets… why not? We love creating new ranges, and offer a unique twist on our treats!

All the sweets in our Gourmet range are suitable for vegetarians and are alcohol-free.

Here are some of the NEW flavours we offer…


This tropical flavour derives from rum and coconut milk, with a hint of pineapple juice. Purely melt-in-the-mouth experience with a whole dash of sweetness is why we’ve added this into The Treat Kitchen range.


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Another well-known cocktail, the refreshing taste of RASPBERRIES is what you’re getting into! With a dash of lime this is ought to give you that cool yet exciting taste of the summer berry.

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A cocktail originated from Venice, Italy. It’s bursting with sweetness and with a whole load of the peach flavour, creates a satisfying taste! It surely does waken your taste buds from the exotic sweet peach nectar flavour.

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Not new, but existing and POPULAR flavours:


The super refreshing taste of the classic Gin and Tonic is sure to give you that fizzed up flavour with the tangy kick of lime. In fact, it makes a great gift idea or can even serve these at a party!

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The fresh taste of the summer berry kicks in with a slight taste of the refreshing sparkling wine taste. Already a popular taste, this cocktail makes a perfect drink for those summer parties! These even make great party treats!

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The sweetness of the chocolate is perfectly balanced by the strong taste of beer. Beer and chocolates separately make great gifts but we’ve combined them making one unique flavour of Gourmet sweets! Surely makes the suitable gift for any occasion, strictly for beer AND chocolate lovers!

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Whether its treating yourself or gifting, good thing these treats are ideal for both! These treats come in pouches and even conical flasks, so caters for both!

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