Compete with sweets!

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Looking for some fun in the sun this Summer? Try our sweetie games!


Whether you are with family, friends or on your lunch break, The Treat Kitchen want to see your competitive side. Our sweetie games are suitable for everyone!

Have a go…

Round 1: Sweet and Spoon Race

Mark off n a flat surface so not to trip over, line up all contestants with sweet of choice placed on spoons. Get set and go!

Round 2: Sweetie Cup Catch

Each player has a cup or jar in hand and must pass and catch the sweet between them using only the container.

Round 3: Sweetie Bowls

Place a circle on a flat surface. Roll out first sweetie onto the ‘field’, then next player must get hit or gets as close as possible to previous players sweet. You get 5 go’s each and whoever’s sweet is the closest to the circle is the winner!

Round 4: Sweet Flicking

On a flat surface line, up your sweets in a row at the starting line. Each player must flick there sweet as far as they can at the same time. Whoever gets there’s the furthest is the winner.

Round 5: Sweetie Crazy Golf

Place around 5 – 10 jars or cups around the field. Using the jar lids you must aim and hit your sweets into each pot in as few shots as possible. The player with the least hits around the course is the winner.

The person whose won the most amount of games, wins the rest of the sweets in the jar!!

If stuck for a tie breaker, why not get players to try juggling with sweets?


Have fun and let the gams begin!!

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