Eat. Up-cycle. Repeat.

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Yes. Exactly. It’s as simple as that.

Here at The Treat Kitchen we believe in being 🍃 environmentally friendly🍃 , so we have used quality glass bottles that our treats are packaged in, so you can easily up-cycle them into something new.

Our treats are packed in glass milk bottles which means..

Once you’ve eaten all the treats and left with just the milk bottle, up-cycling comes in handy. Not only is it helping the environment but also helping yourself, finding another purpose of use for the bottle.

Our customers have found loads of great uses for them. From vases to containers for food, candle holders, money jars and more! Check them out below:

Don’t get confused with recycling though. Recycling sometimes needs a lot of energy and resources to take waste products, break them down and then turns them into something new.. Up-cycling is a perfect way to make use of your bottles straightaway into something new and might save you money rather than having to buy new items!

We would love to hear what innovative up-cycling ideas you may have. Send us a photo of your up-cycled creation! You can send through our social media, find us here on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Happy Up-cycling! 🙂


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