Green leaves and yellow daffodils are appearing – It’s Spring!

By 29th March 2017 News No Comments

Happy Spring! Spring is here finally.. Spring is a season which we get to see the days becoming longer, hotter temperatures (we hope!) and flowers blooming. We can’t promise you sun all around (the British weather can be unpredictable as we all know)… However we’ve got some treats to make your SPRING into happiness. We have especially selected some of our citrus treats that go super well with the Spring season…

In fact our Lemon meringue flavoured fudge may do just the job. The bright yellow colour surely reminds you of the sunshine. Not forgetting to mention it’s bursting tangy lemon flavour, and in fact the fudge has real meringue bits to give it that extra crunch and to get that full lemon meringue taste.

If that wasn’t enough we have citrus bursting flavoured treats also available which are also very enjoyable this Spring! How about our sugar free Chocolate Limes, which are not only sugar free but also gives you that lime and chocolate flavour together! Available here.

Don’t worry we have still have the original Chocolate Limes WITH THE SUGAR if you’re wondering, you can find them available here in pouches or here for bottled.


Kicking back to the lemon flavour, a citrus burst of sherbet lemons should do the trick this Spring! Available in both bottles and pouches (it’s 3 for £6 on pouches currently by the way)  these should keep you going even if the weather isn’t all there this Spring (we do hope so though!). Available here.

Don’t worry we still have the original Sherbet Lemons WITH THE SUGAR. Find them here in pouches here.

If you’re a fan of both citrus flavours above, you have got to try the Lemon & Lime gourmet jelly beans. You get the best of both worlds with these! This is just one of the 16 flavours of our gourmet jelly beans. In fact these are available in bottles or pouches (also part of the 3 for £6 on pouched treats!). Check them out here (pouches), and here (bottled).

There’s no stopping Spring, and with hope a ray of sunshine will be with us all of the time… Well most of the time if we’re lucky. We’ve got plenty of treats to keep with the season, so why not pop into one of our stores and see for yourself or shop online here.