Happy Peaches and Cream Day!

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It’s National Peaches and Cream Day!! So why not head to your local Treat Kitchen to see what we stock to celebrate National Peaches and Cream Day!

  1. Peach Bellini

These mouth-watering hard boiled sweets are inspired by the fruity cocktail Peach Bellini and are part of the Gourmet range! The fruity flavour of the peaches combined with the sweet taste of Bellini is irresistible and a wonderful treat, perfect for a day dedicated to peaches and cream! These sweets are packaged in a beautiful flask which makes it ideal for a special gift.

  1. Peach Hearts

If you’re a fan of peaches then this one is for you! These delicious fruity peach flavoured gummy sweets are gorgeously shaped into a heart which is a great gift for someone special to show your love! The tasty peach gummies are packed into a cute resealable pouch that is a must have for peaches and cream day!

While we have a delicious variety of peach flavoured confectionery… We also sell a range of cream flavoured products…

  1. Butter and Cream Fudge

Here at The Treat Kitchen, we offer a large range of butter and cream fudge in a variety of different flavours such as rhubarb and custard. The fudge is handmade by The Treat Kitchen and you can taste the freshness, richness and creaminess in every bite!

  1. Ice Cream

All week, the weather is going to be very hot. What’s not a better way to enjoy this weather than taking trip to The Treat Kitchen to indulge in some exquisite flavours of ice cream?


What are you doing to celebrate Peaches and Cream Day? Take a trip to your local store to explore our exciting range of sweets, fudge and ice cream! Remember to tag us in your Treat Kitchen posts on Twitter @treatkitchen , Instagram @thetreatkitchen and Facebook @treatkitchen!