Jolly Good Jolly Ranchers!

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Jolly What?

Jolly Ranchers is a popular US brand name so it’s likely us UK folk may not have heard of them! Asking an American however would probably be completely different. Jolly Ranchers is one of the most popular candy options there is,

Jolly Ranchers not only come in traditional hard candy but also in dummies, fruit chews, jelly beans and lollies to name just a few. Whichever one you go for they’re all perfect for sharing or even treating yourself too. Some are sweet then there’s some that are tangy or even a mix of both!

Bold and fruitful flavours include cherry, blue raspberry, grape, watermelon..

And.. and.. and.. cinnamon, yes, cinnamon! Not fully satisfied yet? Not to worry, you’ll have to try these to know what we’re talking about!

We’ve stocked up on these treats in all our stores as part of our new and very popular American Sodas and Candy range. Did we forget to mention we also now supply Jolly Rancher sodas too?  In many thirst-quenching flavours such as strawberry, green apple, cherry, grape and the famous blue raspberry.

Be sure to check out the rest of the American Range, featuring Jolly Rancher and many more different U.S. brands.

We’re bringing the taste of American candies in the U.K., exclusively within our stores only!


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