‘The ultimate gifting destination for anyone with a sweet tooth’


Here at The Treat Kitchen we pride ourselves in being more than just your average sweet shop. Since opening our first set of doors in Nottingham in September 2014 we have grown to become a popular confectionery experience and the ideal gifting destination for anybody with a sweet tooth.

Today we are home to over 300 different varieties of sweets, chocolates and handmade cream and butter fudge. Some of our well-loved ranges include gourmet jelly beans, boozy, cocktail sweets and our signature Radioactive Sours – hard boiled sweets covered in a tongue tantalising layer of malic acid. Only suitable for the bravest of taste buds.

Since The Treat Kitchen began we are proud to say we have achieved a lot. We have opened 2 stores in major city centres, launched our own online store and become a partner on notonthehighstreet.com, created a popular wholesale range (find out more here), won Nottingham’s Best Independent Business 2015 and grown our team from 2 people to over 35 sweet fanatics. We promise we have slept too!

From fizzy cola bottles to cherry Bakewell fudge, from raspberry jam jelly beans to gin and tonic gummies. You can find it all here at The Treat Kitchen.


The Treat Kitchen is the brain child of Nottingham born couple Jess and Martin Barnett. Martin’s passion for confectionery stems back to his childhood where he would sell sweets with his Dad at the local market. Martin’s family have also owned a sweet factory in Nottinghamshire since the 1800s and are still making sweets to this day.

Fast forward to 2014. Jess and Martin are living in Melbourne, Australia where Martin is working as a Confectionery Buyer for a major supermarket chain. It was during this role that he built the strong business connections with leading confectionery producers that he still uses at The Treat Kitchen today.

However, after the birth of their son Max, Jess and Martin decided it was time to move back to the UK. Although it was goodbye to the sun, sea and shorts, it was also the perfect opportunity to say hello to a dream they have had for a long time; bringing well-loved confectionery to streets of Nottingham but with a modern, gourmet twist.

Finally, on the 1st of September 2014 The Treat kitchen was born. And the rest is history…


Inside The Treat Kitchen you will find most of our sweets and treats come packaged in clear glass bottles and pouches. This is because we truly believe in letting the product be the hero. Why cover up sweets with packaging when you can let their colours and unique shapes catch your eye instead.

‘Let the product be the hero’

We also focus on selecting packaging that still has a use after all your treats have been devoured. Did you know our Radioactive Sours come packaged in genuine scientific labware? And our signature glass milk bottles can become great flower vases or drink bottles for using on the go. Not only is reusing your packaging great for the environment but it lets you get creative too! Here at The Treat Kitchen we are big fans of upcycling so if you have transformed any of our products into something new we would love to see it! Send us your upcycling images here.