Handmade Fudge

Fudge is quite possibly the most delicious holiday treat. That’s why we’re selling our fudge online for the first time ever! With many flavours to choose from, and lovely little selection boxes to buy as gifts, we at The Treat Kitchen love creamy handmade fudge so much because it always takes us back to our childhood – seeking out the fudge in a box of chocolates. Crumbly and caramel-like in flavour, fudge is a wonderful sweet treat!

We like handmade fudge so much that we make our own in The Treat Kitchen Wheeler Gate store. We mix the handmade fudge in a specially built kettle and carefully add all sorts of delicious ingredients — fresh cream and butter, caramelised sugar and natural flavours to create all of the delicious flavours people love. To date, one of the best sellers is our delicious Cherry Bakewell flavour. You can choose your flavour and our team will cut and weigh your fudge especially for you so it’s kept beautifully fresh.

Available in handy boxes, our fudge makes the ideal gift whatever the celebration, from wedding favours to Christmas stockings, and each year thousands of visitors take home a delicious box of our finest handmade fudge.

Of course, when something tastes this good you really don’t need a special occasion. Why not have a look around to explore our range of flavours, or even better, pop in to see us in the heart of Nottingham, we’ll help you to decide on which flavour is your perfect match.

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