Jack Daniels Truffles 6 pack


12 units per carton.

A pack of 6 luxury whiskey flavoured chocolates hand crafted in Belgium.

Each chocolate hosts a beautiful, creamy truffle centre packed with the taste of the nation’s favourite whiskey – Jack Daniel’s. Encased in a milk chocolate shell and finished with a light sugar dusting.

The perfect little gift for someone special or a just well deserved treat for yourself.

Packs may or may not come with individual white paper cases surrounding each chocolate.

Additional information


Sugar, cream, cocoa butter, MILK powder, ethyl alcohol, cocoa mass, glucose, chocolate shavings, inverted sugar, alcohol: Jack Daniels, aroma: whiskey, vanilla, emulsifier: SOY lecithin.


Packet dimensions: L: 8.5cm, H:12cm and W:2.5cm.

Net weight: 72g.
Gross weight: 79g

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