Make your own Marshmallow kit (Raspberry)


6 units per carton.

Our Make Your Own kits are the perfect family activity. Why gift someone a treat when you can add some extra fun and get them to make their own.

Each of our Make Your Own marshmallow kits make approximately 48 marshmallows if you use a standard tray bake tin. Ideal for sharing at parties, sleepovers or just a treat for yourself. This kit will make raspberry flavoured marshmallows.

Each marshmallow kit contains 1 x 250g sachet of flavoured marshmallow mix, 1 x 30g sachet of gelatin and 1 x 40g powdered sugar. All you need to do is just add water and pop in the fridge. Or if you are feeling creative you can decorate the marshmallows once they are set too!

Or if you are a big kid at heart you can replace some of the water with your favourite spirit to create boozey marshmallows! Tried, tested and they work like a charm. Raspberry gin marshmallow anyone?

The ideal gift for any family or those who love being creative in the kitchen.

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Dimensions of box: W14.2cm x H21cm x D6cm

Net weight: 350g.
Gross weight: 410g.


Sugar, glucose syrup, natural and artificial flavouring, beef gelatine, WHEAT starch, hydrogenated palm oil, beetroot powder (maltodextrin, beetroot concentrate, citric acid), flavouring: carmine.


May contain NUTS, EGGS and MILK.

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