Mermaid Feed


12 units per carton.

CAUTION: Open this box with care! These treats should be consumed inland only. Opening a box of Mermaid Feed near a body of water may cause mermaids to appear. We aren’t going to be the ones who explain to your local swimming pool why they have a mermaid infestation.

A quirky little box packed with lots of tasty treats.

Each of our feed boxes contains 100g of delicious vegan gummy sweets. All our vegan gummy sweets are also

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten free (apart from liquorice)
  • Fat free
  • Made from natural colourings and flavourings including real fruit juice.

We have fairy feed, dinosaur feed, unicorn feed, pirate feed and robot feed too!

Additional information


Sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, sorbitol, gelling agent: pectin; fruit juice concentrate: apple (1%); acid: citric acid; acid regulator: trisodium citrate, natural flavours: orange, pineapple, apple, lemon, strawberry, blackberry; colours: spirulina concentrate, paprika extract, turmeric, black carrot concentrate.


Box size: 15.5cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.

Net weight: 100g.
Gross weight: 110g.

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