Nut Praline Delights 6 pack


12 units per carton.

A pack of 6 luxury milk chocolates hand crafted in Belgium.

A hearty, praline filled centre encased in beautiful milk and white chocolate. Each chocolate has a beautiful hazelnut taste leaving you wanting more.

The perfect little gift for someone special or a just well deserved treat for yourself.

Packs may or may not come with individual white paper cases surrounding each chocolate.

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Sugar(45,9762%), Cocoa butter(12,4417%), Whole MILK powder(12,0750%), HAZELNUTS(10,0000%), Cocoa mass(6,7631%), Coconut oil(3,2143%), Palmkernel oil(3,2143%), Dextrose(1,6072%), Skimmed MILK powder(1,1480%), Rapeseed oil(0,9184%), Palm oil(0,9184%), Sunflower oil(0,9184%), Emulsifier (E322 SOYA lecithin)(0,5172%), Flavourings(0,2878%).


Packet dimensions: L:8.5cm, H:12cm and W:2.5cm.

Net weight: 100g.
Gross weight: 107g.