Radioactive Watermelon Crystals tube


12 units per carton.


Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Crafted by our two mad scientists, also known as the owners of The Treat Kitchen, they have created a test tube full of sour crystals to rival our Radioactive Sours.

However, unlike their big brother, the crystals are for those who long to enjoy the taste and the flavour of the sweets they buy, for those who savour every second on the tongue, those a bit less brave.

No matter how brave the individual, the sours still provide that all important sour kick and combined with the unmistakably sweet taste of a Watermelon, they make the strangest of combinations, but some of the best nevertheless.

Dimensions height 15.5cm including lid, 3cm in diameter.

Still inside the test tubes of the mad scientists, the sour crystals make the perfect addition to one of our in-store hamper deals but are equally at home on their own as the ideal treat to snack on throughout the day.

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