Top 5 Sweets to take to the Cinema

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We all love a trip to the cinema, whether it’s to see a big budget blockbuster, a slushy romcom or funny cartoon with the kids. With the average time of a movie now 130 minutes you need to keep your strength up. Check out our countdown of the top five sweets to snack on during a movie….

popcorn jelly beans in a pouch and bottle on a shelf

  1. . Caramel Popcorn Jelly Beans

Love the taste of popcorn but hate the embarrassment of dropping it all over the people in front of you? Fear not we have a solution these mouth-watering jelly beans taste exactly like the real thing and come in a resealable bag handy for even the clumsiest film fan!

Perfect for… Chick flicks



gobstopper sweets in a clear glass bottle on a shelf

2. Gobstoppers

There’s nothing more annoying than someone talking during a movie. Take along a bag of gobstoppers and keep handing them out, the result… a blissful silence as the offender works their way through layers of sugary perfection.

Perfect for…Thrillers




wrapped humbug sweets in a pouch

3. Humbugs

If you like a vintage flick from before the time of CGI then we’d recommend a classic boiled sweet like our humbugs. These little pieces of edible nostalgia will take you back to the time of the golden age of Hollywood.

Perfect for…Classic Musicals



sour lemon sweets in a conical flasks and pouch
4. Radioactive Lemon Sours

In our opinion if you’re brave enough to sit through a scary movie the you’re brave enough to try our Radioactive Sour Sweets. Just like a classic horror film these sweets will really keep you on the edge of your seat. Coated in malic acid they are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Perfect for…Horror Movies



gummy fried egg shaped sweets in a pouch

5. Fried Eggs

Whether you 5 years old or 50 you can’t beat a children’s movie for laugh out loud fun. From Pixar to Disney kid’s films leave you with a feel-good factor for the rest of the day. For big kids and little kids alike we recommend our gummy Fried Eggs.

Perfect for… Kid’s movies



Heading to the cinema soon? Did you know you can find our sweets on sale at The Broadway Cinema in Broad Street Nottingham.