Top 5 treats for little ones

By 16th November 2017 News No Comments

Everyone knows children can be hard to please but at The Treat Kitchen we have over three hundred different sweets, chocolates and treats for them to choose from. We’ve chosen our top five based on feedback from some of our younger customers…

  1. White Chocolate Jazzles – Brighter than a pair of Mr Tumble’s trousers these yummy discs of white chocolate are covered in crispy hundreds and thousands providing that most satisfying crunch.
  2. Fizzy Cola Bottles – Tuck shop classics with a fizzy zing that makes your face scrunch up! Great news, our version is suitable for vegetarians! Sing it with me ‘Ten fizzy colour bottles sitting on a wall…’

  1. Dolly Mixtures – Sindy and Barbie will be having a cat fight over who gets these yummy multi coloured delights. These have been around since we were kids but continue to be a popular choice.

  1. Shrimps – No-one knows who first thought about making a sweet in the shape of a prawn but thank goodness, they did. Perfect for your child’s first dinner party but make sure to leave off the seafood sauce!

  1. Tangy Fizz Bombs – These traditional boiled sweets are the junior version of our popular Radioactive Sours, instead of malic acid we use sherbet. Although a tamer option they’re still good for providing sour faces for comedy family photos!