The Concept

The traditional sweet shop will always have a special place in the heart of the British shopper. But Martin and Jess thought it was time for the sweet shop to be modernised, and felt there was a gap in the market for a store selling quality confectionery in an attractive and modern setting, with quality packaging. They wanted to create a shop where the confectionery would be the star.

Jess and Martin hope to create some of that theatre within the Treat Kitchen with their on-site fudge kitchen. Customers will be able to see the fudge being made, smell the sweet aromas and watch as the Treat Kitchen team add all kinds of delicious ingredients.

Once the confectionery has been enjoyed, the glass packaging can be enjoyed and reused again and again. Taking advantage of the current enthusiasm for up-cycling, Martin and Jess chose quality packaging that could be reused in all manner if different ways… take a look on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest sites for great ideas and inspiration of just what you can do with an empty milk bottle or jam jar.

The Foundations

Confectionery is part of his family history. The Barnett family have two confectionery factories in Nottingham; the oldest was opened back in the 1890s.

Martin and Jess Barnett recently spent three years living in Australia where Martin worked for Australia’s largest retail group as a confectionery buyer and Jess worked for RMIT University. Following the birth of their son Max in February last year, they decided to move back to Nottingham and act on a dream that they had been forming for some time, opening their own confectionery store.

The Future

Always keeping on trend and continuously developing their product range, The Treat Kitchen will move with the times to always bring their customers the best in luxury confectionery.

In just over a year The Treat Kitchen has opened three stores in the UK, and Martin and Jess plan to carry on expanding across the UK and eventually export outside the UK as well.

Jess At The Treat Kitchen

Jess Barnett

Marketing Manager

Jess has worked in marketing and administration for over eight years in many different areas. During that time she has got involved in many different business activities such as events management, promotions, product launches and hospitality. She shares Martin’s interest in retail and has assisted him in choosing the ranges for the Treat Kitchen. As Martin and Jess were both born and raised in Nottingham they are delighted to have found several local suppliers for the store.

Please note from March 2016 Jess will on maternity leave so any marketing or management related enquiries will be forwarded to the right person in her absence

Martin At The Treat Kitchen

Martin Barnett

General Manager

Martin has been involved in retail all his working life, starting out selling sweets from a market stall with his dad. Later in life Martin started working as a buyer and merchandiser going on to work for several major retailers both in the UK and overseas. Confectionery is part of his family history with family members still owning sweet factories in and around Nottingham. He has a keen interest in finding exciting products to add to The Treat Kitchen’s range of luxury confection.

Our Confectionery


varieties of sugar free confectionery


flavours of gourmet jelly beans


varieties of boiled sweets


Gourmet Chocolates