The Treat Kitchen has a dark side…try our new liquorice fudge!

By 26th January 2015 News No Comments


The Treat Kitchen has a dark side! We have created a liquorice fudge that is wickedly good! (mwahhaha evil villain laugh!)

So many of our lovely customers are liquorice fans. To our surprise since we opened we have sold more liquorice jelly beans than any other of our thirty six flavours. Due to popular demand we have now created a liquorice fudge, black as night and packed with flavour it is guaranteed to be a hit with liquorice lovers!

As an extra treat for our liquorice loving customers here are five fantastic liquorice facts to mull over whilst enjoying your liquorice fudge.

  1. Liquorice is derived from a Greek word meaning sweet root.
  2. The liquorice plant is actually a member of the pea family.
  3. Pontefract in West Yorkshire have an annual Liquorice Carnival –visit their Facebook page for more details
  4. Chew like an Egyptian…The Ancient Egyptians loved liquorice – vast supplies were found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb
  5. Got a pesky mouth ulcer? Supposedly liquorice could reduce the average healing time of mouth ulcers.