Warning: Exam Season Ahead.

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Are you a student…or know someone if going through a hectic schedule of revision?

It’s May. If you are a student you are most likely going to sit exams over the next 6 weeks. Whether its during the day or during those all nighters, you’re desperately going to need a pick me up whilst studying.

Worry not! Our Sweet Survival Kits are here to save you. We know how hard it is to find that motivation to study and keep yourself energised whilst doing so. Our kits however are packed with carefully selected goodies to help you along the busy month of stress!

In each Survival Kit  you will receive;

Blue Raspberry Radioactive Sours – To keep you awake during those long hours.

Strawberry Chewy Bon Bons – Soft and chewy loveliness to help you unwind.

Fizzy Cola Bottles – To remind you of the sweet, sweet memories of your stress free childhood.

Pear Drops – A colourful array of scrumptious pear delights to keep your motivation sky high.

White Mice –To enjoy with a cup of tea during a well deserved

There’s no better way to treat yourself whilst and after revising. You’re working hard so keep going! Our kits are specially made to keep you energised and are super convenient with our pouched packaging so you eat on the go or even can share with your study buddies!

On that note, good luck with exams. This is your time to shine.

Get revising, but be prepared and energise yourself: Find our Survival Kit here.


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